I hate God. I don't want God
  Myth Buster: God would prefer your hatred to the apathy of not caring.  
Introduction: Many people have hated God and he has zapped them so they totally devote themselves to him. Paul who wrote a lot in the Bible was on his way to arrest and kill the new Christians when God met him on the road to Damascus. Paul was blind for 3 days until God sent someone to pray for him. 

Actually the Bible says that all men have hated God and makes it clear that there is actually no middle ground. Those that are not for God are against God. If you want to be honest in your hatred you could check to see if it really is God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit you hate, or a myth that you have been sold in his name. God will honour your decisions. 

When I was growing up it seemed that Christianity was like an insurance policy that would get you into heaven and if you just made it then “phew”. Many people say “I don’t need God. I’ve lived all my life without Him, why should I change now?” Many more people have gone a step further and said “I don’t want God. He is irrelevant in this modern society.” A step further of course is “There isn’t a God” and I have addressed this further in There is no God.

The Bible says this about a life without God:  “Meaningless, utterly meaningless.” This was written by King Solomon who was given great wisdom and great wealth by God and devoted himself to study and exploration, the wisest man known. He continues. “Generations come and generations go. What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again.”  

So what is life about? What if it is actually a testing ground for eternity? If eternity is a reality, with or without God, and the Bible teaches it is, then let’s put it into perspective. Our life which seems so long will get smaller and smaller as we recede into ever and ever. Take an A4 piece of paper and put a dot on it. That will give you an idea of how short a life is in the greater scheme of things. And yet Jesus said it is what you do in that very short time which governs where you spend eterni
ty and what you do in it.  

I don’t know what you have in your life at the moment but check this out for what you could have as well.
  • An eternal God given purpose
  • Peace with God
  • The love of God
  • The promise of massive reward
  • Clarity of thinking about life - the Bible says, once I was blind but now I see
  • A one to one relationship with the Creator of the Universe
This list is far from exhaustive. 

People all over the country are having their secure worlds shaken and threatened. There are all kinds of threats; monetary, failing relationships or health, loneliness, losing loved ones e
tc. Knowing and loving God doesn’t prevent this but the Bible says “All things work together for the good of those who love Christ”. People all over are losing hope, but still refuse to turn to God. They say a quick demanding prayer along the lines of “If you are there then you have to help me” and then follow it up with “Why did God allow that to happen?” But this is the wrong way round. We are here for God. He is the boss. He is not there just to jump to attenthon when we call. How arrogant is that? God hates arrogance but the prayer of humility he listens to. A prayer along the lines of “God I don’t even know if you exist, but I really need some help right now”. You see, God really does love you.  

Let me give an example;
A son or daughter runs away from home and is gone for twenty years and then turns up asking for money. Now the parents still loves them, but that doesn’t mean they will just hand over the cash does it? They will want to know that their son or daughter is well, what they are doing and hopefully get to know them again. They won’t want to be used just as a cash dispenser, although they might eventually assist financially. 

Maybe you don’t want God yet, maybe you never will. But if you are still reading this then Gods door is still open for.

Just a thought: God wants us but doesn’t need us, we need God, but don’t want Him.