How to become a Christian
  Myth Buster: A Christian is somebody who loves Jesus, believes he has died for their sin, and lives their life accordingly. A Christian is someone who has given God the rule in his or her life. A Christian is someone who has the Holy Spirit living in their spirit and whose name is written in heaven. – The Holy Bible  
Introduction: Sometimes admitting we are not actually what the Bible calls a Christian is the real starting point to our becoming one. But God makes a promise when he says everyone who seeks him will find him.  

To become a Christian could be the most difficult thing you have ever done and here are some reasons why.
  1. You need to realise that you are wrong and need to say sorry. This goes totally against the grain. From the very outset, mankind would much rather blame someone else than admit it’s our fault. (It’s in our nature, what the Bible calls our fallen nature). And as for saying sorry, that’s a sign of weakness, right?
  2. You need to humble yourself before God. But in the fullness of time, no one will stand proudly before God, such is his awesome might.
  3. You need to have faith. Not any old faith, but faith in a God which our society would quite like to forget. In our so called “enlightened society”, we tend to rely on material and financial supports and science to meet our needs and questions and deride the idea that there is a God that wants us. Because we are often so very busy, we don’t “need” to take time out to consider this idea. Besides, the media, the press, Hollywood all tell us that it’s a silly idea anyway. In fact most of our life we have been told by one source or another that God, Jesus and the church is a concept to laugh at and about.
  4. You realise that your lifestyle will probably have to change to fit in with what God wants and the risk is that your life might take on a whole new direction. (From experience I have found that as I look back on my old lifestyle, I see it as the empty existence it really was.)
  5. You realise that you will have a new “boss” in your life. That is scary.
  6. You realise that there is a cost to this. This is not just about saying I’m a Christian, trying to do good things and going to a church on Sundays. No, this is an everyday working relationship with a very alive and powerful God who has a very vested interest in you, and has plans for your life that could blow your socks off.

So with all this in mind, how will you know if you are ready? This is a question I ask anybody who shows an interest in Christianity.     
“Are you prepared to put God and Jesus before anything else in your life?” 

What an outrageous question. Let’s look at what this means. Does God want me to put him before my husband, wife, partner, family etc? This is where you have to have faith, that Almighty God has got the very best in mind for you and yours. The practical outworking of living God’s way, and with his support and guidance, will mean that those around you should get a better deal. And that’s not just those in your family. Friends, work and play colleagues will see the difference. 

What else would God want to be put first in?
Career, Hobbies, Sex, Money, Relationships, Time. In fact, every part of your life. At this point, some of you will say, “That’s not for me”, or, “I can’t do that yet”. Then it is better not to till you can say it. Harsh? I think it’s just sensible. Jesus himself tells a story of a man who started building a tower and ran out of materials and money and looked a fool. If you can decide to put God first in everything, it makes decisions you have to make in the future so much easier. You see, when you change kingdoms you become aware of an enemy. Satan. And he tries to make things difficult. Jesus promises his followers that they will face all sorts of trials and hardships. But if and when you are ready, go for it with everything you have got. God really hates lukewarmness in his people. Living 100% for Jesus will bring you untold riches. 

Rest assured if Almighty God has got his eyes on you, then he will bring you to a point where you can make this step. Then when taken, you will begin a new life with him.   

What do I get as a Christian?
When you become a Christian, God the Holy Spirit actually comes to live in your spirit. You will be born again of the Spirit of God.
You will know the “Joy of the Lord”
You will know peace with God
You will have all the benefits of knowing Jesus and this will develop like any other relationship. Note: This is not a walk of rules and regulations, and please never make it one. This is a living relationship here on earth.
You will have the assurance that your name is written in heaven and that this life is now preparing you for eternity with God continuing what you have developed during your life.
You will be set free from the power of sin.
You will be forgiven.
You will have a new conscience – look after this and obey it.
When you become a Christian, you become a member of the family of God and it is vital that you join a good local church which should encourage, teach and support you in your new life.  

What can I expect?

Well pretty much what you get now only different. You will get good days, and bad days. You will have laughter and tears, good news and bad, bills and taxes, tough times and unforgettable experiences. It’s just that in this life, you will know that God loves you, is for you and is walking with you.

Just a thought: I have found that the more time I invest in getting to know God, I find out more of what he has invested in me.