The Holy Bible
  Myth Buster: Still the world’s all - time Best Seller, Almighty God is determined to give us the opportunity of reading his Holy Word.  
Introduction: The most misquoted book in the world, the Holy Bible is often called, among other things, a fairy tale, or a myth. But there is no doubt it is the biggest seller ever and numbers being produced have never been higher. On the one hand it can be simple enough to allow a child to understand; on the other, complicated so even the top scholars can be challenged. The Bible calls itself the “Living Word.” 

A very intelligent agnostic Josh McDowell once set out to prove the Bible wrong and ended up writing a book called “Evidence That Demands a Verdict: Historical Evidences for the Christian Faith.” He discovered that there were far more original manuscripts for the Bible than any other historical book and now follows the God it is all about. 

I’m not going to go into deep theological debate or technical issues about the Bible here as there are many books and sites for that. But sometimes in life we have to stop debating or intellectualising about things and just get on and do something. In this case, picking it up and reading it, giving God a chance to talk to us. Laying aside pre-conceived ideas for a moment and letting God speak into our spirit. The Bible is a spiritual, live book. It is more up to date in places than tomorrow’s newspapers.  I love to read it and hear God. Yes he does communicate through the Bible. If you want to try this out, ask God to speak specifically to you as you read it and expect to see or hear. Persevere, because it might not be immediate.
How do you know its God speaking? Well it will be the bits that jump out at you, the bits that you can’t get out of your mind or the bits that make you angry. 

I would personally start with reading about the life of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke which then continues into the Book of Acts – both found in the New Testament. Then if you are still reading, have a look at the run through below to see what else you can read about.
(You don’t have to start at the beginning and finish at the end.) 

At the front is an index of the Old Testament and the New Testament 

Old Testament

Genesis to Job
The Bible starts with the creation of the world and we see clearly man’s relationship with God and his role in the earth. Then you read on about certain individuals that God chooses to lead and develop his chosen people the Israelites. God is very protective towards these people, even though they don’t always choose to follow him. He deals very severely with their enemies, and there are wars as he takes them into the land he promised them. When established there, God asks the Israelites to love him and obey his commands. He promises them peace and prosperity if they do, but curses and suffering if they don’t. But bit by bit, they turn away from God and sin grievously against him. Then God allows other peoples to invade their land and the Bible tells how Israel sometimes choose to follow God and reclaim their land and then choose not to follow him and lose it again, gradually losing most of it and eventually being taken into exile by the Babylonians. You can read this historic account right through to the book of Esther. Fascinating reading, but don’t get bogged down in some of the genealogy and some of the laws. Please note, you may have heard of some of the characters in Sunday school. Take a new look at how God works together with different men and women and uses them to carry out his plans, even though they make mistakes and do wrong.
The Psalms
Some have called this the Bible’s hymn book. The Psalms are a series of songs or prayers to God, mostly written by King David, expressing, joy, hope, fear, disappointment, shame, confidence etc. You can find a psalm relevant for most situations you will encounter.
This is the wisdom section. A series of one liner’s written by the wisest man on earth –King Solomon. Proverbs continues into Ecclesiastes.
Song of Songs
God’s love section. Poetry about love, a Lover and his Beloved. This can be used as a man to a woman, or more importantly as God to his people.
Isaiah to Malachi - The Prophets
This is God speaking through his prophets, trying to get His people to turn back to him. Not easy reading 

New Testament
Matthew to John – The Gospels
Charting the amazing birth, life and death of Jesus Christ. This shows how the Jews, God’s chosen people, rejected Jesus and did not accept him as The Messiah. They were looking for a warrior who would free them from the Romans and Jesus did not fit into this category. Also Jesus opened up his salvation to make it available to everybody who turns to him. Most Jews are still waiting for their Messiah. Please note that Jesus doesn’t always say what we want him to.
Acts – written by Luke
The setting up of the Early Church and the opposition from the Jews.  
Romans to Jude – The Letters
Letters from leaders of the Church to the new churches instructing, teaching and encouraging them. Sometimes rebuking them, correcting them or motivating them. All Christian churches should be operating within these guidelines.
A complex book that speaks about the end of the world, judgement and Heaven. This book must be kept in balance with the rest of the Bible as many weird and wonderful movements and cults have sprung up out of getting this out of context. 

Unfortunately many people have used the Bible for their own means, sometimes with tragic consequences. Some people have a point of view and then scour the Bible for different verses to back up their argument. WRONG. It should not be used to fit around us. It was written for us to fit around. Now this might be really difficult at times, especially when it says things that contradict our viewpoint or how we are living. But if you use it as the plumb line for your life it brings a real security and peace. Approach it with humility, expecting to learn what it says and you will hear from God. 

In summary: The Holy Bible is an incredible book, sometimes hard going, sometimes inspiring, but always able to bring God’s living word directly to you. 

Practical tips.
There are quite a few different versions of the Bible and this can cause confusion. We have probably all read some of the original King James Version KJV. We need to remember when this was first translated it was an amazing breakthrough as it meant people could read it in English for the first time. But of course we don’t speak like that now. So other groups have translated it to read easier without changing what it says.  I will give you a few examples. The most popular and my personal favourite is the New International Version NIV, which The Gideons use for their Bibles. There is a New King James Version NKJV, a Revised Standard Bible RSB, a New American Standard Bible NASB, to name a few. The Good News Bible is a simpler version while the Living Bible and the new “Word on the Street” are paraphrases of what the Bible says, aimed at those who have never encountered the Bible before.  

All of the above versions give the identical message just in a different way. There are versions to avoid however which actually have changed the fundamental truth of the Scriptures, the most well known being the New World Translation. 

If you want to buy a Bible, pop into a local Christian Bookshop where they will be able to advise you. Alternatively if you are online there are companies like or just type in Bibles. 
PS this site is not sponsored by nor has any links to them, but they do offer a large range and seem to know what they are talking about.

Popular misquotes
The Lord helps those who help themselves
. I’m still looking for this one
An eye for an eye
. Jesus actually said, “you have heard it said, an eye for an eye”
The love of money is the root of all evil
. Actually it should read “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil”
Jesus only preached love
. Sorry not true. Some of his teaching caused offence and actually got him killed.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. 
Still looking for this one too.
God will understand
. Often used by people when they are doing wrong. Of course God understands what you are doing but that doesn’t mean he is pleased.
God will forgive me
. Only if you ask him to and stop doing wrong.
God is a God of love
. Absolutely, but he is also a God of Wrath, of Judgement and has absolute authority over all things. Best to be on his right side don’t you think?

Just a thought: I hope you too can find this fantastic God via the pages of the Bible.