Christianity is a crutch
  Myth Buster: Christianity can be more like a stretcher, and more stretcher bearers are required.  
Introduction: Many men I speak to tell me they don’t need Christianity as a crutch, making it clear they are strong, not weak. But my experience is that women are often stronger when it comes to spiritual issues and some men use this as an excuse to avoid dealing with God.  

If you are in need of a crutch or in very real need of help in your life, Almighty God (and hopefully his Church) will welcome you with open arms. But if you are looking to keep the crutches for an easy ride, or always be seeking attention, always be needing help rather than helping others, then maybe Christianity isn’t for you. 

The Holy Bible calls God’s people the “Army of God.” So if you are in need and in dire straits come to the Lord and let him help you, with other members of his army, to get it sorted. (Of course this might be long term). Then you too will become an active member of his people, in turn helping others that are desperate and in need. 

To those who say “I don’t need a crutch in my life”. Brilliant. God is looking for men and women who are warriors, strong, brave, courageous, bold, who are not afraid to walk the walk and talk the talk of Christ in a world that hates him. People who are willing to do battle in prayer against Satan and his demonic forces. People who are willing to stand up alongside Jesus and be counted. People who will use their strength to help others through the tough times. People who will boldly go where he boldly leads.

Just a thought: Come on you men, what are you scared of. Will you be a hero for God? (See God and men)