God and Men
  Myth Buster: Almighty God is looking for men to be his representatives in the 21st Century. Please only apply if you have what it takes.  
Introduction: One myth that needs to be busted is that Christianity is for women and children. It takes real courage to follow Jesus. Let’s have a look at some of the men Jesus – God the Son - chose to walk with him while he was on earth. Many of the 12 disciples lost their lives for their faith. 

Peter: The first chosen, a fisherman, called to be a rock. He boasted of his love for Jesus, but lacked courage when it counted and denied him. Peter however later lost his life for God. Some say he insisted on being crucified upside down as he was not worthy of the same death as Jesus. He was one of the founders of the Church. 

One of “the sons of thunder”. Impetuous and outspoken. It is said (not in the Bible) that when he stood in front of King Herod Agrippa to give account of his faith, his fearless confession of Christ led the public prosecutor to also become a Christian and they were both beheaded together. 

always thought of others. It is said (not in the Bible) he gave thanks for the cross at his crucifixion and preached the gospel on that cross for 2 days before he died. 

a tax collector, considered unclean by the Jews. Probably on the fiddle when Jesus called him so went from dodgy dealer to a follower of Christ and a writer in the Bible. 

Simon the Zealot
. The nearest thing to a terrorist. 

. The deceitful one who betrayed Jesus.  

Not convinced? Let’s have a look at some of the warriors that God chose to be his representatives in the Old Testament

Samson (born to a mother who was infertile). He was a Nazarite – a man set aside for the purposes of God -  and was very strong, especially when God filled him with power. And he was not averse to using this strength. He was God’s plan to destroy his enemies the Philistines. Definitely the person to have on your side in an argument. He was betrayed by a woman and lost his sight as well as his freedom, but destroyed huge amount of Philistines when he brought down a temple on top of all their leaders, dying in the act. 

A great warrior, king and leader of his people.  He had a heart for God, but an eye for the ladies and this gave him problems when he committed adultery and had the husband killed. God dealt with him severely but still loved him and gave him many victories. 

. Not a very brave man, often afraid, but God used him to defeat the enemies of his people and in turn he became a ruler of the nation. 

. Saw with the eyes of God and was his representative on earth, raising people from the dead and performing other miracles. Once a gang of youths were giving him a hard time and he called down judgement on them and a bear came out of a wood and mauled them. In other incidents he called down fire from heaven. Definitely my kind of man. 

He was the second most powerful man on earth when he killed someone who was attacking one of his people. Fled to live in a wilderness for 40 years before Almighty God called him to lead his people out of captivity. A humble man and a great leader, he would speak with God face to face as a man speaks with his friend. 

God chooses all sorts of men. Criminals, murderers, strong, weak, bold, fearful, hard cases, those more sensitive, intelligent, practical, scientists, teachers, lawyers, proud, unemployed, young, old, leaders, rulers, fit, sick, happy, sad. No one is excluded from Almighty God’s wish list. Have an encounter with him and he will make you a man with a mission. All you have to do is ask.

Just a thought: Have you declared yourself available for his calling? It could cost you everything you’ve got.