God's Equality
  Myth Buster: Jesus always had time for the underdog.  
Introduction: You hear lots of talk about equal opportunities in our culture, but Almighty God goes a step further and believes in Equality. How does this equality work?  

God has made it incredibly simplistic for someone to enter into the kingdom of God. Jesus said “Anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” But this very simplicity actually makes it more difficult for clever people to take hold of. Not impossible and there are some greatly intellectual people including scientists who have taken this very simple step. However it does offend lots of intelligent people that it only takes simple childlike faith to walk with God. Lots of people believe science is a much more acceptable way to explain the way things work. Science however is only very slowly catching up with God and science will never contradict the God who created it, even though scientists’ interpretations often do. 

So why does God’s way of faith cause offence? Maybe the thought of humbly admitting we were wrong and saying sorry is alien to all of us. Faith is not a thing that sits comfortably with man’s intelligence and when pride is present, simple faith is not given much credence. It is a shame that so many clever people will refuse God's way, because the Bible can far outdo their intelligence and give them so much room to study, explore and develop. 

Wealth can also be a sticking point to seeking and finding “The Kingdom of God”. It is harder for a rich man to enter. God definitely does not promote poverty but realises that wealth tends to make people more reliant on what they have rather than seek him for what they need. We in our western culture don’t really need God to provide anything material. The more we have the harder it is for us to see our spiritual need and accept God's help. Often it takes a sickness or a disaster to make us re-evaluate our lives giving us a chance to hear God's voice.  

In this life, people with intelligence, wealth, health, beauty and all their creature comforts have an advantage, even with equal opportunities operating. God’s way however prevents those people from using these things to their advantage when it comes to knowing him. God’s equality means those who are not quite so bright, not quite so rich, not quite so beautiful or successful, can find their way to know and walk with him as easily as anyone else. Indeed even young children can find it.  

So you argue, “Are intelligence, wealth, health, beauty and possessions bad?” Of course not. I sometimes wish I had a bit more of all of them. But if they are the cause for anyone to miss out on their destiny with God here on earth and later in eternity, then that person will curse them for ever.

Just a thought: God is looking for humble, obedient and willing people of all walks of life to love him and to be loved by him.