Who Goes to Heaven?
  Myth Buster: The worst point in anyone’s life will be the time they stand before God, if they are unprepared. If they are prepared, it will be the best so far.  
Introduction: I wonder just how many people have paid regularly into an insurance policy only to find that when they come to claim, they have been mis-sold and their policy is useless. If you hate the idea of going to Heaven, that is one thing. But if you have steadfastly believed that what you are doing will get you into God’s Heaven, perhaps you ought to check what the Bible says. Just to be sure. 

You might be really offended by what I have just written. I realise this is a contentious issue but I would much rather you be offended with me now, than gutted later. Isn’t it worth just taking a little time to check out your eternal policy? Let me try and make it clear for you

There will come a time when Satan and his rebels will be sent to eternal hellfire (the skeleton). Unfortunately there is no middle ground. You cannot just go over to the other side. The Bible states clearly that everyone will stand before God at the day of judgement and give an account of their lives. I have heard some people boast they will give Almighty God a piece of their mind at this time. Not so. The Bible says “Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. And when he gives his judgement, there will be no appeal and everyone will know that whatever the judgement, it will be totally just.
Unfortunately at that time many people will realise they have made the biggest mistake of their lives because they have been careless or believed the wrong thing.
No, don’t get upset; this isn’t about scoring points off you. It’s just that if Heaven and Hell do exist and there really is nowhere else to spend eternity, then surely it’s best to spend a few minutes to find out if you have the criteria Almighty God will require. After that it is your choice if you want it or not. But God will honour your choice. If you choose to spend the short time on earth without him, he will realise that you definitely won’t want to spend eternity with him. 

So here is a checklist – not exhaustive. You will know if any of these apply:
  • Is your name written in God’s Book of Life?
  • Do you know and love Jesus Christ?
  • Are you born again of the Spirit of God?
  • Is Jesus Christ your Lord?
  • Have you have been forgiven and do you now live God’s way?
Here is a false check list (these will not get you
into heaven unless you also have the above)
  • Everyone goes to heaven when they die
  • I’m a Christian because I’m British
  • I was christened as a baby
  • I do good things
  • I’m not a bad person
  • I go to church
  • I believe in God – Satan himself believes in God. It needs more.
  • I’m very religious
  • I’ll blag it when I get there

When occasionally people get offended here, I say this to them. If when we all stand before God and you see me being accepted, you will be a lot more upset with me if I had never bothered to tell you. But God does want me to tell you. When I chat with people, I never try and win arguments, I don’t preach and I try never to judge. My role is to tell what the Bible says and then it’s your responsibility what you do with it. 

May God bless you.