Myth Buster: When someone writes the daily horoscopes, they are predicting for one twelfth of the world’s population with each star sign.  
Introduction: I am always amazed at how so many people read their horoscopes but rarely go back to see if they were right. And I’m also amazed at how people identify with their star sign. If you were read a list of characteristics of any star sign without knowing which one it belonged to, you would probably say it was yours. For the simple reason that we all have identical character traits, just in different levels. An example. Everyone is stubborn to one degree or other and Taureans don’t have exclusive rights. 

I will start this page by giving a short reminder of what the Bible says about the spirit realm and how we fit into it. (see The Skeleton for more detail). You have the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. All spiritual forces fit into one or other of these kingdoms. The kingdom of God loves you and wants only the best for you. The kingdom of Satan hates you and would dearly love to curse your life and lead you away from your true destiny.  

Now, Almighty God has given each person the amazing gift of the freedom to choose. It’s your choice to live your life how you choose and to shape your own future. God wants you to live each day and make your decisions as you go.  So why would anyone choose to give this freedom away? 

Into this background we introduce the subject of horoscopes, mediums, fortune tellers, ouija etc.
With all the above you have two choices. Is it a scam or is it genuine?
If it’s a scam then there’s not much point to it all, but people are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.
If it’s genuine, then the people who are a vehicle for the message, must be in contact with someone or something from the spirit world, and receiving either general or specific messages just for you (bits of rock and planets orbiting in space and created by Almighty God do not tell your future).  

Let’s forget about the first option. If it’s a scam then no one would bother with it. So lets move on to option two. You are told that if you are interested then you can find out what the future holds for you. So you read your horoscopes, get a personal reading, visit a medium etc. The more you go into this, the more personalised the message you receive will be. 

Surely it’s vital to check out just where the message you receive is coming from. You see, if someone who hates you tells you that you will meet a tall dark handsome stranger in a lonely place it doesn’t sound quite so pleasant as if someone who loves you and cares for you tells you the same thing. So where is the message coming from? Remember we have ruled out scammers so this leaves two choices. The kingdom of God or the kingdom of Satan.
Well in the Bible, God clearly tells us not to consult with mediums or fortune tellers so it will not be Him. I’m afraid that leaves just one option. 

If this is true, how does it work then? Let’s look at a silly simple example. 

You go and pay for a personal reading. You are told that you will win the lottery, meet a fantastic partner, go to live in the sun, have a really serious accident and win the lottery again. What will be the focus on the rest of your life? I suspect it wIll be the bit of bad news, which will totally ruin all the good and joy of the other four things. You say that mediums don’t give bad news. But that on its own is false, because life is not all good news is it? But it doesn’t stop there. Your freedom to choose now has less freedom, because someone you have never met has told you something that will shape your life and affect the decisions you now make. And if you say “rubbish”, then why are you going to have your fortune told? 

Another line is “when you go over to the other side” and mediums and clairvoyants have been giving messages from the other side for years. I suspect some mediums are genuine and they can hear messages. But Jesus said that dead people are not allowed to come back and give messages. So who are we hearing? 

Let me give another example. A medium passes on a message supposedly from Sid to Emma saying it’s lovely over here on the other side and the dog is here too. Emma thinks that everything is well and carries on living the rest of her life not bothering to worry about knowing God. But what if the message is a lie, designed solely to lead Emma to a lost eternity, away from what the Bible calls her true destiny?  

Jesus told a story of a rich man who died and was told he would miss the kingdom of God. He wanted to come back to warn his family, but God would not let him. 

So we have a choice. Is Emma really hearing from Sid? The Bible says not. But people who have received these spiritual messages often say, “They told of things from the past.” At the worst, the medium will be a skilled counsellor and will work the information from you. However if they really are hearing spiritual voices, then the spirits that give the message will have been there throughout your life wouldn’t they? The very real danger here is that although they might be able to tell your past, they will NOT be able to tell you your future for the very very simple reason that they are not allowed to know it.

Just a thought: Only Almighty God knows your future and there is a wonderful security about leaving it in his very secure hands.