How did it all begin?
  Myth Buster: Many scientists do not believe in Evolution  
Introduction: It is common thinking in the media and taught in many schools that Evolution is right, and many people choose to think it is. The so called experts state that the evidence makes Evolution the only sensible choice. But how many of us have taken the time to stop and think about things from the very beginning of time? Let’s do just that. Go back to the absolute beginning. Because the starting point you adopt is vital and will affect your whole journey through this issue. 

Now I am not a great scientist or amazing intellect, but common sense tells me that absolutely nothing comes about if there is nothing to bring it about. For a start to happen there must be something there to start it. Science itself will tell you that nothing just appears. And this is the battle that many great minds are having even as you read this. These great minds tell you categorically there is no God, even with a little smirk when saying it, but they have no real idea where everything started. Of course they keep coming up with new theories. I believe one such theory is that it was gases that combined to cause the Big Bang. The trouble with this theory is “where did the gases come from?” Gases have to come from something. What was it? And then where did that come from? And if you say that it just appeared then science would mock you because nothing just appears, does it? And so it goes on until we have to come to the ultimate decision that something has existed for ever.

And right there is where both sides of the debate, Evolutionists and Creationists have to make a choice. Reiterating the scientific fact that nothing, absolutely nothing can come out of absolutely nothing, in other words nothing can just appear or happen, we have no other option than to believe that something did exist for ever. And if you are really serious about working this out and not just using the evolution theory as a convenient smokescreen, lets look at the two main choices. 

1. Evolutionists have not yet worked out exactly what it was, but let’s take for an example that it was a tiny organism or something even smaller that started everything. 

2. Or the Bible’s teaching that a huge enormous God who is from eternity to eternity, who lives outside of our reality, created the heavens and the earth, and then in six days, took the formless, empty, dark world and gave it a timescale and light and life, using day and night as a measure for one day. 

So if you are still following me, we all have a choice exactly what to believe. Do we believe in the biggest being in the universe or do we believe in the smallest? I personally have a 100% faith in God, but if you honestly believe that our amazing world and all of its incredible facets, including the amazing human race, just happened, because possibly some tiny organism happened to be floating around for ever and ever, then your faith outdoes mine by miles. 

Of course both sides have to ask this question. Where did either that tiny organism or this massive God come from?
The Bible says Almighty God was and is and is to come. From eternity to eternity. I don’t pretend to understand it, but I do believe it.
The tiny organism (or whatever) has got some of the greatest intellectual minds on earth speaking on its behalf.  

There is another theory used to explain the creation of the Universe. It is called the Theory of Intelligent Design where people believe that a greater force started it all but don’t really recognise God as that force. I have to ask a question here. Why would people be so committed to some faceless force of which nothing is known when there is so much information about an Almighty God?  

One more point: What about entropy? In the Second Law of Thermodynamics, we are told that the universe is heading slowly towards chaos. This is what entropy means, but this idea actually flies in the face of the Theory of Evolution, by stating that order descends to chaos, where Evolution is based on chaos evolving to order.

In summing up: The Bible shows clearly that Almighty God created the earth and it lay in darkness and formless until he went to work on it. (It could have lain in that darkness for a long long time, but when God started shaping his creation it took him 6 actual days). Then he looked and saw that it was good. So God brought a perfect world out of nothing and he was pleased with his creation. The Bible also says that the pinnacle of his creation was humans and that they were made in his image. This makes us so important in the scheme of things. When you see the amazing pictures on TV of the wonders and beauty of creation you can see why God was so pleased. But God was infatuated with us. The world was made for us, not us for the world. If you want to reject a loving God that choice is of course yours. If you would rather think of yourself as just a collection of atoms existing for a few years before you die and get re-cycled, be my guest. But can I ask you to think of this. Why are you so determined to believe that Almighty God had nothing to do with your existence?
  Just a thought: It is possible that God used what is commonly known as the Big Bang to create the heavens and the earth.   
Here is a link to a smashing little website I found that shows why God looked at his creation and was well pleased.

A little extra - I watched the tail end of a BBC Horizon programme and they were discussing “Reality” and some mathematicians were enthusing about how maths is actually starting to prove there is another reality outside of our own. Now if I had suggested to them that what they were talking about was the spiritual kingdom of Almighty God they would have laughed at me, but what they were describing was one of the greatest scientific explanations of that kingdom I have ever heard.