Christians are hypocrites
  Myth Buster: Could you live up to the high expectations that you have set for others?  
Introduction: It is possible that all Christians are hypocrites (I do know some wonderful genuine Christians). But let’s go a step further. Everyone is a hypocrite. Of course some more than others. We all set higher standards for other people than what we attain in our own lives and we judge them on their failures, often overlooking how we ourselves fail or used to fail in that particular area. Funny how blinkered we get when pointing the accusing finger. 

A woman was brought to Jesus, having been caught in adultery with the crowd calling for her to be stoned. The first question that springs to mind is, “Where was the man she was caught with?” Now Jesus - God the Son - being perfect, had more right than anyone to accuse and condemn her. Instead he said “Let him who has never sinned throw the first stone.” When the crowd had dispersed, the woman was left alone with Jesus. Surely he would tell her off. Instead he said “Does no one condemn you? Neither do I, go and don’t sin again.” God doesn’t want to punish us, but he does want us to live right. 

And this is where Christians should be doing their utmost to live and do what is right. They should be setting an example to others of the love and holiness of God in their lives. However, they are not perfect and will get things wrong but as long as they are trying to get it right, God will be forgiving which is good news for all. The Christians who live right and care for others might get laughed at by the media and a few other people, but they will be respected, even by those who mock. Not so the next group. 

These are Christians (yes real Christians) who are living in a way very far removed from the way God would want them to. They say “God loves me and will forgive me”, and carry on as if they have never been born again. God is appalled at how some Christians live – using and abusing. God himself will call them “Hypocrites.”  

One further group are those who call themselves Christians but don’t know and have never known Jesus Christ, neither do they want to. They live and do exactly as they want and then bring the name Christian out if and when it suits them. Please don’t be fooled by them.
  Just a thought: If you point the finger at bad Christians and use it as an excuse not to follow God, please be aware that when you stand before Almighty God you will be on your own and it will be only your life he will be looking at.