A Love Story
  Myth Buster: Love can only be known from the action it prompts.  
Introduction: There is an advert currently doing the rounds where Dustin Hoffman talks about films as the greatest stories ever told, stories that you will never forget.

Did you know that the greatest love story ever told actually includes and is all about YOU? You and Almighty God. Almighty God and you.

You could have a love relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. You and God, walking together, talking together, laughing together, crying together, just being together. Even working together.

So what does love mean to God? In our culture there are many expressions of “love”, some of which fall short of the proper meaning and all of which fall short of Jesus’ meaning. His love meant giving his life, not just for his friends (which other people have done), but also for his enemies, those who hate him or want nothing to do with him. WOW!

Let’s have a look at what this means for anyone reading this.

He initially loved you. Not because of anything you have done. You may think you are amazing. You may think you are entirely unlovable. You may fall somewhere between. Nothing about you made God love you. God deliberately chose to love you. When you were forming in your mother’s womb, God saw you and loved you. Even when you were born into a fallen world and lived your life apart from him, doing your own thing, he loved you– The Bible says it.

“Prove it”, people shout.

God proved it by sending his one and only son – Jesus - to die in your place, taking your punishment and removing the barrier between you and him. Here is a question for you. Would you make such a sacrifice for someone who didn’t want you? 

But there is more. If you choose to accept what he has done for you, God will see you as he sees Jesus. You can KNOW God. Honestly, you can really know him. You can know peace with God. Not just till you die. After you die, the Bible says it goes really crazy. You will be welcomed into God’s heaven. He will say, “This is my beloved son/daughter whom I love. Come in and welcome home.” Eye has not seen or ear heard of the glorious riches that are in store for you. 

You know, from today you could start to play a starring role in your greatest ever love story. The greatest story you will ever be told, or indeed ever have told about you. A story you will never forget because you can live it for ever and ever and ever.

Just a thought: You may not get a Blockbuster movie made about you, or become a celebrity. But who cares when God is making you part of his eternal story!