There is no God
  Myth Buster: Only 12% of people worldwide do not believe in God  
Introduction: One of the problems about there being no God, means there will be no afterlife and no one to call us to account for what we have done. Well at first that might seem great because that would give us freedom to do exactly what we want to do, exactly when we want to. The trouble starts when other people’s freedom to do what they want impinges on our well-being. And history has taught us that the further a society moves away from accountability, the more lawless and anarchistic it becomes. 

This is a question I ask atheists. Doesn’t it seem unfair that people who kill and torture and rape and abuse helpless people should end up in the same place after they die as the rest of those law abiding members of society? In other words, those that don’t get caught will never be held accountable for the evil they have done. 

The Bible teaches that there definitely is a God who keeps a record of each individual life and he will pronounce judgement on these wicked people. The real problem with this idea is that we have all done things we wish we hadn’t done, things that embarrass us or make us feel guilty and if God does exist and if he really does keep a record, then there is a good chance what we did might crop up again in conversation when we meet him. In fact the Bible says a most offensive thing. It says we have all fallen short of the standard which God requires. Yes, everyone. 

No wonder many people would prefer to choose the first option that there is no God. And having made their choice, then they collect “evidence” to prove that point of view or alternatively use any convenient excuse to believe he doesn’t exist. And furthermore some even hate the fact that others choose to believe. 

God has however given us a way out of this predicament. He has said that if we confess our wrong doings to him, and turn from them, he will forgive them all and wipe the slate clean. What no punishment? No, Jesus was punished on our behalf. 

Of course this raises the whole question that if people have done awful things then why should God forgive them? The Bible says even the wickedest person can have a new start as long as they repent and turn from their wrongdoing. When Jesus was on earth, the religious leaders of the day would delight in parading “bad” people in front of him. But Jesus had lots more problems with their self-righteous approach than with the people they pointed their finger at. I know we can have problems with this thinking, but Jesus said no-one is past redemption. Truly good news for all of us.

Just a thought: The Bible says, “The fool says in his heart there is no God”