Relationship or Rules
  Myth Buster: You get a much better deal if someone wants to help you, than if they have to help you  
Introduction: In Religion, I set out what you receive when you become a Christian. This page sets out to explain the relationship you we can have with a mighty all powerful God. Many people believe that religion is based on rules and indeed many are. But Christianity is man’s relationship with God. And as with all relationships, it takes time and effort to make it work. Many marriages have failed because one or both parties have not bothered to work at it and it drifts into neglect.
With Christianity, God has promised his total commitment to each and every one who has truly believed. 

Let me take you through how this relationship works, using myself as a template. 

Pete, beer, a few women and song, living for himself and fighting off God’s advances.
Pete, called by God, but still fighting and resisting knowing the high costs involved.
Pete, at last chooses to go God's way and surrenders his life to Jesus. This means everything in his life, future, sex, relationships, money etc.
Pete becomes born again of the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit comes to live in him and Pete becomes a Christian.
Pete’s name is written in Heaven. He is guaranteed salvation 100% from that point.
Pete is forgiven for all of his past sins.
Pete becomes a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come.
Jesus becomes Lord (or boss) of Pete’s life.
Pete becomes a son of God, and God becomes his Father. 

Then Pete starts to walk hand in hand with God.
Satan comes to have words with his old tenant and tells Pete he has made it all up.
Pete tells everyone he knows about what he has done. Not always easy. People laughed so he poked them in the eye. No actually not many laughed and some could see in his face that he had changed. It caused quite a stir.
Pete joins a local active church. Here he receives teaching and support from other Christians and learns how to worship God, becoming a committed member. Pete is baptised.
Pete starts to study the Holy Bible, and he learns to talk to God. After a while he also learns to listen to the voice of God the Holy Spirit and the guidance this gives.
Pete learns that God has a purpose for his life and commits to doing whatever he is instructed.
Pete experiences life problems. He called on the Lord to help and the Lord helped.
Pete had doubts so he went to the Holy Bible – God’s word, and God said, “I will never leave you”. He also said “Nothing shall separate you from the love of Christ.”
Pete starts to obey God and tell others about Jesus – called “The Gospel”. Some didn’t want to listen, but some did. Pete found that the more people he told, the less he talked and the more he listened. (Pete decided to make a website based on his findings).
Pete starts giving financially because he feels that God asked him to. Pete has always been provided for although sometimes a bit brassic.
Pete found that some women were attracted to him, but God advised him to marry only another Christian. He found that tough at times, but knew God had his best interests at heart.
Pete had (still has) regular visits from Satan and learned to shut the door politely in his face. Not that Pete was (or is) always successful against Satan’s lies and temptations, but when he failed, God was willing to forgive and Pete turned from sin once more. 

And so Pete walks with God and would never exchange his relationship with his Heavenly Father for anything. A relationship that has encountered all sorts of testing times and hardships, but one where both parties are committed to it. A very rewarding relationship that deepens and matures, through the sunshine and the rain, the laughter and the pain. Even though God has taken him on some very difficult paths, Pete believes that God’s plan for him is perfect, and is looking forward to reaping the rewards of his perseverance, not only in Heaven, but here on earth as well. 

Pete’s desire is to feel the “heartbeat of Almighty God” concerning the UK, and he believes that God wants to visit this country in love in power and in amazing acts of majesty so that millions of people will turn to him and know his great salvation. And that from these shores, the love and wonder of God will be spread throughout the world, by those that he calls.

Just a thought: Who needs rules when you’re in love?