Myth Buster: Sin has i in the middle. My will, my way, my choices, me me me.  
Introduction: This page describes what is meant by this old fashioned word that seems so important to God. 

Although we commit actual sins, sin is the general term given to being independent of God. Choosing to go our own way rather than God’s. “I don’t need God and never will”, would be a good example of sin. Me first, me last and me in between.  

Now put that in the context of our culture and indeed the whole world and you begin to see the picture. It’s not how God planned it. God wanted us to be people who loved him, lived with him, talked with him and knew him. Instead we live apart from God, the Bible says “dead in our sin”, or “a people who walk in darkness”.  

Our teaching tells us we live in an enlightened age and for sure we have lots of knowledge. But if we know so much, why is there so much death, destruction and suffering in the world we live in? People blame God. We always blame someone else. But God says sin is the cause. Sin in individual lives. And God doesn’t start with other people. In my life he looks at me and in your life he looks at you.
Turning from sin might not change the whole world, but the Bible says it will change yours. 

Jesus summed up all of the Ten Commandments in just two commands. The second of these is, “Love your neighbour (or everyone you have dealings with) as you love yourself”. If everyone lived like that, crime, wars, fights, and huge swathes of human misery would be a thing of the past. “Impossible” you say. Yes it is, until we obey the first command. “Love the Lord with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your being”. The more we do this, the more we go God’s way and the less we sin, the less hurt and pain we cause and the nearer we will get to peace on Earth and an end to human suffering.

Just a thought: Will mankind buy into this? No. But you might.