I'm too bad
  Myth Buster: Yes you are. We all are. Believe in Jesus, turn from your sin and be baptised.  
Introduction: There is a lot of mushy sentiment about God and how he will just forgive anyone. There is also the opposite of that which says, “I have done such evil things, I can never be forgiven.” Both viewpoints are wrong. This page explains: 

Almighty God absolutely hates sin and evil and how it ruins the lives of people who sin as well as those who are sinned against. In other words, the perpetrator and the victim. The Bible states that God is angry about sin. And seeing that we have ALL sinned, the anger of God was on us all. 

But on the other side of the coin, it says God loved us so much that he chose to find a way to allow love to overcome that anger. That is why Jesus died on the cross. He took our punishment. So if you think you are too bad for God you need to realise that it was the guilt, the pain and the shame of what we have done that actually killed him as he hung on that cross. All those horrible feelings were put onto the perfect Son of God and he was punished for you, and it’s because of that, you too can be forgiven. Not only forgiven, but washed clean, what the Bible calls “born again”. Not only that, you can also have all the other benefits of being a son or daughter of God as well (see God & Religion). And in a way, if you say that Jesus’ death was not enough for what you have done, you are demeaning what Jesus suffered.  

There is more. Jesus said, “The more I have forgiven him, the more he will love me.” Maybe it’s time for you to turn from what you have done, ask Jesus to forgive you and hand every part of your life over to him. Believe it or not, the Bible says he does want you and you in turn could find a new start with Him. It might take a while but Jesus said, “Whoever seeks me will find me”. 

Just on a practical point here, repentance means that you stop doing the wrong things. Jesus said “go and sin no more”. This may be difficult and you may need help and support, so it’s crucial that you make a clear declaration to Almighty God that you will live for him and stop sinning. This will be invaluable to you as you start your new life.
Just one more thing. It’s only fair to mention that there may be times when God will say we have to own up to and take the consequences for things we have done. 

Tough? Very and if you decide this is the way for you, then my prayers go with you and may God bless you.