Myth Buster: Everyone will stand before Almighty God, but it’s his response when you meet Him that counts.  
Introduction: People say that all religions believe in the same God so it doesn’t matter which one you choose because you will get there in the end. There is a problem with this point of view. Namely, that the God in different religions is …well, different. Let’s take a very brief look at the world’s three biggest religions and see what they say about God. 

, the world’s biggest religion and the fastest growing, says God is a trinity with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  

the second largest religion and also growing fast states Allah is the one sovereign God.   

has different deities who are different aspects of the Supreme Being. 

With this in mind it is impossible to amalgamate them and to worship together like some have tried to do. After all who exactly would you be worshipping? 

So which religion could you choose? Well of course that’s your choice. When you buy a car, holiday, house or any other expensive investment, you automatically want to get the best value for your money.
Why should you look for any less when choosing a religion? Based on this surmise, this page is going to set out what you get or what happens when you become a Christian. I will let the other religions state their own cases

If you become a Christian you

ü Are guaranteed 100% eternal life with Almighty God from that point.
ü Get all your sins forgiven. (you might have to put right certain things right)
ü Become a son or daughter of Almighty God. He becomes your Father
ü Become a co-heir with Jesus Christ.
ü Will be born again – of the Spirit of God
ü Can know the peace of God. Definitely worth having
ü Move from Satan’s kingdom into Gods wonderful kingdom
ü Your name is written in Gods Book of Life.
ü God The Holy Spirit comes to live in your spirit – Christ in (Christian)
ü Become a new creation
ü Become one with The Father
ü Swap your guilt for Christ’s perfection
ü Are saved because of what Jesus did (by faith) not by doing good deeds
ü Are no longer a slave to sin (you don’t have to do wrong again)
ü Will go to Heaven
ü Will KNOW and love God personally
ü Will be washed clean spiritually of the past (instantly)
ü Will no longer need to fear death  

The Holy Bible says, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those that love him” 1 Cor 2v9. Christianity depends on you believing in Jesus, turning from living your own way (sin) and being baptised. This takes faith and it is by this faith you will be saved. I sometimes ask people what their religion can guarantee me when I die (also when I am alive). If you are searching for the best deal, please let me know if you find a religion that offers half as good a deal as that listed above.

Just a thought: Someone once said “Religion" is mans search for God. Christianity is mans relationship with God”